This question is surely being asked by millions of people around the world, and it is done by different types of people, for example: heartshaped gamers, entrepreneurs who see in the videogame industry a unique opportunity, programmers who want to test their knowledge, or simply people who are curious.

Well, the answer is not simple and nothing pleasant.

First of all, whoever decides to create a video game, it takes a really lots of willpower, especially when the project seems stuck. Willpower is needed when nobody trusts in your project, willpower is needed, so as not to leave your project halfway and work on other non related projects. On the other hand implies sleepless nights, when you create a video game you will sleep little, you will eat less.

Involves creating links with your team and involves having lots and lots of humility, because a single person, most of the time can not deal with all the work, so you will have to learn to delegate, share and make corrections as often as necessary.

Prepare to register your ideas, you have to know all procedures necessary to register your ideas on behalf of a group, person or company and avoid problems related to copyright.

There is a very important point, and here we will make it clear.Forget about the immediate success! Forget all you have heard about Rovio, Candy Crush, Meat boy, Fez, Etc. They were successful, true, however, it was not an immediate success, because it took at least two years, to become Top sales, just to get an idea, Angry Birds, was the game number 52 of Rovio, therefore, was not the first game created by them.

We invite you to take this advice of this, not because we want to discourage you, on the contrary, we want you to make video games; However, if you get to consider these points, you will be more likely to get success, however, in terms of game and tastes, not nothing is written.